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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ladainian Tomlinson Wants To End Hold Out

Ladainian Tomlinson, of the San Diego Chargers, is trying to end his own type of hold out. He wants to suit up and take some snaps during this preseason, something he hasn’t done since the preseason of 2005. The star running back wants to ensure that he comes out the gates fast this year and not wait until week 3 to get into the swing of things.

Tomlinson told the AP press, "I want to play. "We'll see where that takes us. Its one thing for me to want to play and then it's another thing, the coaches make the decision. We'll see where we end up."

We all want LT to be on top of his game as the season nears but its more important for the running back to be as healthy as he can possibly be for the duration of the “entire” season. Tomlinson has had injuries in the playoffs the last 2 years that have prevented him from helping his team reach the promise land. Yes, the Chargers didn’t necessarily lose because he was on the sideline but he would have certainly helped. Fans of San Diego’s prized football team want, need, expects him to be a strong presence for them as they make a run to the championship.

My advice to the Charger brass, give the man one series in each preseason game to ease his ego and sit him down. A healthy LT in the playoffs was a Marlon McCree interception and fumble away from going to the Super Bowl. Let’s hope he understands this is best for him.

Jerry Stackhouse Get His LeBron James On

Mr.Stackhouse gets posterized by Kentucky incoming freshman John Wall

Pau Gasol Has Surgery On Finger

Lakers PF Pau Gasol, while playing in Spain with the Spanish national team, was taken to the hospital to have emergency surgery on his left index finger which he jammed in practice, reports theLos Angeles Times. Gasol is expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks of action. With the injury to his hand Gasol can’t flip the bird to his former team, the Memphis Grizzlies, after winning his first NBA Championship this past June.

But on a serious note, the Lakers should be kind of worried that a lingering problem with his hand doesn’t persist. As a big man, you are constantly getting your swiped at during games and your hands are always in mix while blocking shots or going for tough rebounds. Also, this may take away from his aggression down low when the season first begins. The Lamar Odom signing is looking more and more logical.

MLB Power Rankings

We Have a new leader atop the MLB Power Rankings, yes The New York Yankees. They do have competition for that top spot lets see how it looks as of August 10, 2009:

  1. NEW YORK YANKEES 69-42 Won 6

The New York Yankees are the hottest team in baseball having won 7 consecutive games. Coming off an impressive sweep of their rivals the Red Sox, they now possess the leagues best record. Led by the rejuvenation of there awesome bats and the pitching staff is starting to earn their money, they have overtaken the mighty Dodgers. Since the All Star break they also boast a record of 17-5.

  1. LOS ANGELES ANGELS 65-44 Lost 1

Angels have been on a great ride without 2 of their superstars. Vlad Guerrero and Tori Hunter have been injured since early July but that hasn’t stopped the Angels from doing damage. Last week they cranked 3 straight 10 run 15 hit games. After slow start to the season, they are rounding into to form as the post season approaches. Their pitching is coming along so this could be fun

  1. LOS ANGELES DODGERS 67-45 Lost 3

For the majority of the season they were undoubtedly the best team in baseball. But after losing 10 of their last 15 games, they have been going in the wrong direction. They have had a hard time finding consistent starting pitching all year and now they can’t get any run support. Getting on base isn’t the problem, driving the runs home is. They need to fix this soon if they want to get a chance at the pennant.

  1. ST.LOUIS CARDINALS 62-51 Won 3

With the addition to Matt Holiday this team has become even more dangerous. It should be illegal to have this much firepower on one team. Led by Triple Crown favorite Albert Pujoles, the sky is the limit. They also have a Cy Young candidate in Chris Carpenter to help anchor one of the best pitching staffs in the national league with 13 wins and an ERA of 2.26.

  1. TEXAS RANGERS 62-48 Won 1

Texas is starting to look like geniuses for not trading Derek Holland to the Jays for Halladay. The young rookie has become an anchor for there ball club turning them into a formidable contender down the stretch. After taking 2 of 3 this weekend from west leading Angels, they are now 3 ½ games out of 1st. Will the off the field troubles of Josh Hamilton become a distraction? Only time will tell.

  1. SAN FRANSISCO GIANTS 61-50 Lost 1

This Giants team has the talent to be leading the National League West but they lack that one offensive bat to get them over the hump. Luckily there pitching has carried them over that hump. They are locked in a 3 headed race for the West crown with the Rockies and Dodgers. The 3 game set this week with the Dodgers will determine a lot for their future.


This is another team with an abundance of offensive weapons on the field daily> However, unlike the Cardinals, their pitching staff is quite suspect. 46 year old Jamie Moyer leads the team in wins so you know they struggle. They were swept over the weekend by the Marlins, looks like they need new addition Cliff Lee to pitch every other day. And don’t they have Pedro somewhere on that team?

  1. BOSTON RED SOX 62-48 Lost 6

You are probably reading this saying, “Why are the Sox this low”. Well the last week they have ummm, sucked. They have lost 6 straight games and were swept by a better Yankee team. In their defense, they were in all of the games this weekend. Once the staff gets back to normal I see them rising quickly.

  1. COLORADO ROCKIES 61-50 Won 1

No one expected them to be this close to making the playoffs. The Rockies have gone 43-22 since firing Clint Hurdle and replacing him with Jim Tracy. Can they keep up, the pitching will have to make that answer

  1. TAMPA BAY DEVIL RAY 61-50 Lost 1

The one team in the American League East that no one is talking about is the D Rays. Last years World Series runner ups have quietly gained a head of steam to make a push for a repeat trip to the World Series. Led by star Evan Longoria, things are looking very good. The upcoming series vs. the Angels will be a true test.

  1. DETROIT TIGERS 59-51 Won 1

The Tigers hold a 3 game lead in the Central division but they need a lot more. They can achieve this with their new pitching staff that hoists Verlander, Jackson Washburn and Galarraga. Offense has dipped of late but shouldn’t be an issue.

  1. CHICAGO CUBS 58-51 Lost 1

The Cubs have a lot of stuff going good for them but the bullpen isn’t one of them. They have shown they have what it takes to put themselves in position to win but the pen has blown save after save. Not good at this time of year.

  1. CHICAGO WHITE SOX 57-55 Lost 1

They needed a fire lit under them that didn’t require the manager cursing them in the media and they got it via the trade for Peavy. He isn’t activated but they have indeed played better. With him coming back soon, the race in the AL Central figures to tighten up.

  1. ATLANTA BRAVES 58-54 Won 3

After dominating the Los Angeles Dodgers this weekend I was tempted to put them much higher. The thing is they have moments where they play like champs then turn around and play like chumps. The staff pitched EXCELLENT in LA though.

  1. FLORIDA MARLINS 58-53 Won 3

Nick Johnson may or may not be the key to put them over the top. It all depends on his health. They recently swept the slumping Phillies yet were demolished by the horrific Nationals. Something is wrong here.

  1. SEATTLE MARINERS 58-53 Won 1

The Mariners have given up on any chance to compete for the post season by trading their ace J. Washburn. They were staying within arms reach for so long then waved the white flag. Bright spot on the team is closer David Aardsma. He didn’t have a save in 130 innings prior to this season, now he has 36 saves with a 1.58 era.

  1. MILWAUKEE BREWERS 55-56 Won 1

After not making any big moves at the trade deadline the Brewers thought they can make a run with what they got, WRONG! They need pitching real bad. I thought the Fielder vs. the Dodgers incident would spark them but again I was wrong

  1. MINNESOTA TWINS 54-57 Lost 1

This team needs offensive help in a major way. They picked up Orlando Cabrera from the A’s but its not enough. They had a bad week against the Tigers and Indians; maybe they can pull it together.

  1. HOUSTON ASTROS 55-56 Won 1

Astros went from a team with potential to team that has fizzled out. Having lost 6 of their last 10 games they are making it hard to come back from a 6 game deficit in the NL central. Especially with the lack of pitching depth they currently have.

  1. TORONTO BLUE JAYS 53-57 Won 2

The good thing for the Jays is that Halladay is still there, the bad thing is Halladay is still on the team. Looks like they are pushing towards next season with the team they have. Or they could be waiting to make a huge trade this summer likely involving Halladay and a contender.

  1. NEW YORK METS 52-59 Won 1

What can I say positive about the Mets? They don’t have the worst record in the National league yet they play like they do. They have a ton of talent but can’t do anything with it. Injuries have decimated there team this year. You know your in trouble when Sheffield leads your team in homeruns (10). It’s sad however it’s not my problem.


Not too long ago this team was contending for the crown in the National League West. Recently they have been trying to stay healthy and get young guys prepared for the future. Mark Reynolds is having a fantastic year. And that’s where it stops for the D-Backs

  1. OAKLAND ATHLETICS 49-62 Won 1

This is another that is desperately looking toward next year. They signed a slew of veteran players they thought could get them over the hump but none of them panned out. One of the vets, Jason Giambi, was released by the team over the weekend. Signaling the end is near for the club.

  1. BALTIMORE ORIOLES 46-65 Lost 2

The future is so bright for the young Orioles. The disheartening thing is that they are stuck in the present and its not getting better right now. If they keep the talent together they can be dangerous in the coming years.

  1. SAN DIEGO PADRES 47-66 Lost 1

The Padres are in dire need of youthful explosion of “good” talent to come to this team. They almost pulled it off at the deadline but reneged on a deal. Look for this awful team to get younger in the off season.

  1. CINCINATTI REDS 48-62 Won 1
  2. CLEELAND INDIANS 48-63 Won 1

Another team that literally has turned itself a major league farm system. They shipped Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez off for a bus load of young prospects. When will they be ready to produce?

  1. KANSAS CITY ROYALS 43-68 Lost 1

One of the worst teams in baseball has one of the best young rising starts in Zack Greinke. When he gets more polished then the AL batters should beware. That’s all they have on the team. Not a good sign of improvement

  1. PITTSBURGH PIRATES 45-66 Lost 8

As the season went on, the Pirates found a way to make their major league club into a major league farm system. They have gotten rid of all there key players just to get younger and younger. You see there record right, need I say more?


See above comment and insert Nationals.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Just Wondering.........

Did anyone else notice that ESPN had a story about how twitter had been hacked into on thursday but they failed to say a word about Ben Rothlisberger allegedly raping a woman? Im not trying to anything just wondering if yall seen what I saw.

New WBC Title Belt

The WBC will be unveiling new and improved championship belts this year. The changes are just a few pictures added to make the belt not as dull. But lets be real, who cares! How bout they make a new blockbuster fight card to regain the attention of fallen boxing fans. The sport has been in a slump the past few years and is falling behind to UFC, MMA and backyard fighting. The sport needs something to bring them out of a recession so to speak. Maybe a Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight with an under card that would most definitely be the Main Event any other night, would be a great start. But for now lets do away with a new belt, its pointless.